• July 25, 2024

UFC Legend: Jon Jones challenges Mike Tyson, claiming” he can defeat Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali on the same day.”

Former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen boldly declared that Jon Jones could defeat two boxing legends in the same day.

“While it’s good for Jones to show respect for Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali, claiming that he can defeat both boxing legends in one day is quite audacious. I don’t think Jones understands how good they were,” Sonnen emphasized.


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Tyson and Ali are two iconic figures in boxing history, while Jones is a top star in the UFC. Comparing the 32-year-old fighter to these two legends is somewhat far-fetched.

This is not the first time Sonnen has praised Jones. The ESPN MMA analyst had previously declared the American star as the best in his weight class.

“When Jones says he wants to be the greatest of all time, I think that’s accurate. Former champion Tito Ortiz had a few wins, but he didn’t face the same level of competition that Jones has faced. Jones is the best in his weight class,” the former American fighter added.


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Jones is known as the youngest champion in UFC history, having won the light heavyweight title at the age of 23 years and 242 days. Throughout his career, the American fighter has secured 22 victories out of 24 fights, including 9 wins by knockout. He was the first to take down and defeat Daniel Cormier, a former Olympic wrestler.

Jones and Sonnen had previously faced each other at UFC 159 in 2013, in a bout for the light heavyweight title. The match ended in the first round with Jones claiming a technical knockout victory.

Jon Jones has set conditions for challenging Mike Tyson

Following the recent disputes between UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones and President Dana White, the issue of fighter pay has once again come into discussion.


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While the majority of support leans towards the fighters, Jon Jones “demanding a Deontay Wilder-type payday,” as revealed by Dana White, has drawn opposition from many. Legendary boxer Mike Tyson, a close friend of White, also agrees that Jones cannot command such a huge sum.

“Listen, can UFC become bigger than boxing, right? Higher viewership rates, right? But a UFC fighter will never make more money than an A-list star. Conor had to fight Floyd Mayweather to earn $100 million. Jon Jones will have to fight me if he wants a massive payday,” remarked Mike Tyson.


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In response to this statement, Jon Jones also didn’t hold back as he immediately proposed a “cage match” condition with Mike Tyson.

“I’ve heard the news, Mike Tyson. I will box you in a four-cornered ring if you promise to rematch me, but it has to be a real fight inside the octagon. And because I have great respect for you, I promise not to break anything on you,” Jones wrote.

Clearly, Mike Tyson would never agree to such an unreasonable cage match condition from the UFC’s light heavyweight champion. As for Jon Jones, the boxer born in 1987 likely sees this as a retort to Mike Tyson’s support for UFC President Dana White, with whom he has a disagreement regarding fighter pay in the UFC.

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