• July 24, 2024

“Mike Tyson f**ked his ear up!” Kevin Hart, Damian Lillard, and others in split as Comedian Marlon Wayans takes close-up image of Evander Holyfield’s ear at Spence vs Crawford fight

The whole boxing world had their eyes fixated on the undisputed welterweight title bout between Terence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr. last weekend. Several stars and boxing legends paid a ton of money to watch it ringside. However, one comedian, in particular, couldn’t help but fixate on former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield‘s ear.

Like many other stars, actor, and comedian Marlon Wayans attended the title bout between Terence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr. go at each other. He was seated just boxing legend behind Evander Holyfield, which distracted him a lot. Wayans could not stop looking at Holyfield’s bitten ear and made a hilarious post about it on Instagram. “Yooo I’m at the fight. I’m sitting right behind Evander Holyfield…..I must say Mike Tyson F***D THIS N***A EAR UP,” posted Marlon Wayans.



NBA star Damian Lillard and comedian Kevin Hart also could not control their laughter after watching this post by Wayans. Mike Tyson biting Evander Holyfield’s ear during their fight was one of the most gruesome moments inside the ring. Tyson later confessed that Holyfield’s headbutts were getting the better of him, which made him act irrationally during their bout. Evander Holyfield detested Mike Tyson for a very long time due to this incident.

However, both fighters have buried their hatchet, and Tyson also launched edibles resembling Holyfield’s bitten ear. Both fighters were also supposed to fight in an exhibition bout, but Evander Holyfield has shut down all rumors regarding that.

Evander Hollyfield shuts down potential exhibition bout with Mike Tyson


Former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield is not in the mood to box Mike Tyson anymore. Tyson came out of his retirement to fight former champion Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition bout. With Mike Tyson back inside the ring, his long-time opponent and now friend Evander Holyfield revealed he would also love to fight Tyson in the ring again.




While both fighters hated each other in the past, they seem to have buried the hatchet and been great friends ever since. With Tyson out of his retirement, Holyfield wished to have an exhibition bout with Tyson, given the pay was right. The bout, however, failed to materialize, and Evander Holyfield lost his exhibition bout to Vitor Belfort. After that, the former heavyweight champion had no interest in pursuing a trilogy bout against Tyson.

“It’s too late now, we’re all done now. I’ve been retired but no it’s done,” said Holyfield. Both Tyson and Holyfield have not fought since their return. With both fighters in their 50s and enjoying their retirement, it’s no doubt they won’t be going through a third fight ever.


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