• July 24, 2024

Behind the Bird’s Tale: Mike Tyson’s Startling Street Fight Driven by a Pigeon’s Fate

Mike Tyson Started a Street Fight Over a Stolen Pigeon

Mike Tyson has been a pigeon enthusiast from a very young age and even after making it big in the boxing world, he took care of his pigeons personally, spending well over $ 400, 000 for them. While Tyson has made it to the big leagues, that was not always the case with him, as he grew up in a poor neighborhood.

During an exclusive interview with Graham Bensinger, Tyson talked about his love for pigeons and how he had been taking care of them from a young age. And how once a kid from his neighborhood had stolen one of his birds, resulting in a fight.


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“He ripped the bird’s head off, hit me with the bird, threw the blood on me, smacked me around. So my friend said ‘Mike, fight him. Don’t be afraid, fight him.’ … I just fought, it’s not like I was sensational. I was just flailing away, and I guess I hit him more than he hit me, so I won I guess.”

While Iron Mike had a phenomenal career from 1985 to 2005, he has lived through some terrible times, which has even surprised him how he has survived for so long.


Mike Tyson’s Life Once Became Too Overwhelmed

During an exclusive interview, Tyson opened up about his unprepared life where he was taken by surprise for not being prepared for the spotlight. His journey was filled with different addictions and love, and on top of it all, he suffered from an existential crisis. Mike Tyson added his survival was a miracle, and he is simply surprised that he is still alive after everything.


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“At that time, that’s what my life was about. Just fighting. Becoming a personality at such a quick rate, I was never prepared for that. I thought I was. I had no idea what I was involved with at that time in my life. It was just so overwhelming. I’m surprised I’m still alive.”

Tyson added that when he was addicted to drugs, he felt as if he was in control, but in reality, he was not, and “love is a more powerful narcotic than actual dope.”

“When I was on drugs, I had this idea that I was under control. But this is what I found out about love: I absolutely know I’m not in control. Love is a more powerful narcotic than actual dope.”

While Mike Tyson has fought his addictions and battles, his traumatizing moments are still in his memories which the boxer now finds funny.





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