• July 23, 2024

Mike Tyson Had 10 Security Guards Running For Their Lives in a Fight After He Got Out of Prison

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson is arguably one of the greatest athletes to have played the sport. Winner of multiple titles, Tyson ruled the boxing world in the 80s and 90s which saw the sportsman dominate his opponents inside the ring. While his career was skyrocketing, Tyson’s personal life hit many roadblocks with the sportsman courting trouble multiple times including facing a prison sentence for r-pe and assault.

Despite his many personal shortcomings, Mike Tyson has been regarded with respect by many of his contemporaries and has even come to the aid of his celebrity friends. During one such incident, rapper Fat Joe elaborated on how the boxer saved him and fellow rapper Big Pun in a nightclub.


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Mike Tyson Came To Rapper Fat Joe’s Rescue

Being a boxer also means that one can intimidate people with sheer presence and physicality. Mike Tyson at his peak, was no exception. The champion pugilist once became the savior for rappers Fat Joe and Big Pun in a nightclub. The two artists who were attempting to enter the club were stopped by security guards and submitted to extreme checking which included being asked to take off their boots to check under them.

This led to an argument between the rappers and the security guards who had now doubled in number. As the feud heated up, Fat Joe was fearful that it might turn physical with the bouncers now getting increasingly hostile. It was then that the rapper heard a familiar voice behind him and turned to see none other than Mike Tyson who said,

“Yo Pun, Yo Joe, let’s f**k these dudes up. I got your back.”

The boxing legend then proceeded to chase the multiple security guards around the car over 20 times until they gave up and let Big Pun and Fat Joe off the hook.


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Mike Tyson And The Tale Of Three Tigers

Mike Tyson led a colorful and controversial life that saw the boxer indulge in many excesses. One of his bizarre decisions resulted in him buying and attempting to domesticate three Bengal tigers. Tyson soon realized that this was a very unwise decision but not before many mishaps and accidents took place because of it including a woman being badly injured by one of the tigers.

“I was foolish, there is no way you can domesticate these cats 100 per cent, there is no way. I used to sleep with them. They were in my house. I’m just happy that I educated myself, it was late, but I educated myself. I was wrong.”

Tyson who was offered the chance by his car dealer to acquire lions, tigers, and cougars in exchange for an old set of wheels in 1995, said that this was one of his most impulsive purchases and one that he regretted sorely later.



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