• July 24, 2024

Even Mike Tyson Afraid Him! ButterBean – The Fattest Knockout Artist Ever!

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ButterBean, a fighter who made his television debut earlier in his career than Tyson did in his second fight, possesses an imposing 300-pound frame packed with sheer power. Known for his devastating knockouts in MMA, kickboxing, and boxing, ButterBean has left a trail of destruction in the ring. Today, we bring you a compilation of his top 10 ice-cold knockouts in the world of boxing. Be sure to hit the like button and there we go!



Eric ‘Butterbean’ Esch Reveals Why He Turned Down Mike Tyson Fight Offer

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Eric Esch was the most renowned fighters in combat sports back in the 90s. Not just in boxing, but ‘Butterbean’ made a mark in various verticals of combat sports like MMA, wrestling, and kickboxing. In a genuine sense, he was a true combat sports fighter. However, the heavyweight sensation never collided against Mike Tyson.

‘Butterbean’ was approached prior to Roy Jones Jr. getting scheduled to face Tyson in the exhibition bout. In a fresh conversation with Fred Talks Fighting, the 54-year-old revealed why he didn’t sign for the exhibition bout against ‘Iron’.

NoI’m totally retired,” said Esch.


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There’s a lot of talk about me being in that fight with Tyson was all actually offered to me (in) an exhibition. But I know when it’s time, I know I’m old, I’ve got grandkids, I’ve got nine grandkids. I’m just enjoying my life right now.”

‘Butterbean’ asserted that is past his prime and he nothing left to prove in the game again. He believes he needs to dedicate more of his time to his family, friends, and fans who have been alongside him since the inception of his decorated career.

He still has no plans on coming back to the sport, even if it is for an exhibition bout.

Mike Tyson or Eric Butterbean? Who’d have won if they fought in their prime?

Mike Tyson and Eric Esch were among the two biggest names in boxing back then. However, the mighty clash between them couldn’t take place. Both had illustrious careers and dynamite like power to put their opponents to sleep.

But during his prime, Tyson took on much bigger and sturdy opponents compared to the ‘Butterbean’.


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Tyson was much of an active fighter inside the ring, moving too swiftly carrying his vast frame. If the duo had ever collided, Tyson may have had the upper hand in a boxing match. Furthermore, combat fans could have borne witness to cross-sport fights as well as Tyson would not have backed down.



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