• July 25, 2024

Muhammad Ali’s Daughter Shares Never-Seen-Before Picture To Wish Twin Sister On Their Birthday

Muhammad Ali has left behind a family who has picked up his legacy to only take it forward. The ‘Greatest of all Time’ is remembered even today for the amazing prowess he showed in the ring, to the values that he stood up for. Seven years in the wake of his death, the world relives his enigma through the work his family continues to do. While some have chosen to take his legacy in the sport ahead, others have stuck to writing or philanthropy.

The fighter has nine kids born from different women. A very active part of this bunch is the twin sisters, Rashida Ali and Jamillah Ali. The sisters have made sure the world knows how close-knit they are and the love they have for each other. Today the world joins them in celebrating their birthday.


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The Ali family sticks together through thick and thin…

The Ali siblings have always taken to social media to express the warmth they have for each other. Building on this need to celebrate each other are also the twin sisters born to Ali’s second wife, Khalilah.

Rashida Ali and Jamillah Ali were born in 1970, and today they celebrate their 54th birthday together. In this spirit, Rashida took to social media to express the love she had for her twin sister. She posted a carousel of unseen pictures that encapsulate the utter admiration and care they have for each other. But the most endearing part of the post was the first picture in the sequence. It was a rather heartwarming picture of the great boxer, Muhammad Ali holding the two sisters in his arms.

She further captioned the post, “Happy Birthday, @jamillahali1 ! Wishing you double the joy on this special day, my best friend and twin sister. May The Almighty grant us with many more memories together!”

As followers swiped through the array of pictures featuring the twins, they got a glimpse of the journey they have had together. In their 54th year, they still seem tight and grounded to the Ali name.


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Jamillah Ali, born to the fighter’s second wife is a philanthropist. She has led the way in making use of her name to herald some change by working with people on the margins of society. She has perpetually donated to underprivileged families in Chicago through Ephraim Bahar Cultural Center.

Her sister, Rasheeda Ali took the route of being a public speaker and writer. After having done Mass communication in her college, she took up writing professionally. Her son Nico Ali Walsh however is carrying forward the Ali name in the boxing ring. The grandson of Muhammad Ali is a middleweight professional fighter who has impressively fought about 9 matchups till now.

However, as we navigate through the lives of the Ali family, the massive vacuum left behind by Muhammed Ali still nudges us to remember him for the legacy he created. Furthermore, the family has strived hard to retain the Ali name in a good light and that seems to be working for them.

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