• July 25, 2024

Mike Tyson Remains Adamant on Bursting Biggest Myth in Combat Sports

Muhammad Ali, a legend in his own right, reportedly refrained from sexual encounters in the lead-up to a fight.

The rationale behind this widely held belief is multifaceted, with some attributing it to maintaining physical strength and focus. Despite this, Mike Tyson’s perspective on the matter challenges the traditional narrative.


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Mike Tyson challenges the biggest myth in combat sports

In a recent episode of Hotboxin along with former UFC Heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou, Tyson emerged as a vocal advocate against the notion, boldly proclaiming that fighters could potentially be more successful if they engaged in sexual activity before stepping into the ring. His viewpoint stems from his own experience and the teachings of his trainer, Cus D’Amato.

“ I would think a fighter would be more successful if he had sex before a fight. How does that work? How does that really… It’s like relaxing, like, yeah, you’re cool. Now you can get back up and you can get back your stuff, eat your food, got your energy back. Let’s go get this cat.” he said

Interestingly, the former champion himself was known to practice pre-fight intimacy. According to one of his chauffeurs, ‘Iron Mike’ engaged in sexual activity in the locker room moments before his boxing matches. Moreover, this was done for a reason that could only be true for a man as ferocious as Tyson.


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Mike Tyson’s chauffeur reveals shocking pre-fight rituals

In an interview with The Sun back in 2021, Tyson’s chauffer Rudy Gonzalez revealed how the former champion often engaged in intimacy before fights. The reason for this according to him was that Tyson believed that without this release, his unbridled rage might escalate to a dangerous level in the ring, leading to potential harm of his opponents.

“One of the greatest secrets with Mike was that he needed to have s*x in the dressing room before fights. I would have to find a groupie, it did not matter who it was. He’d say: ‘If I do not get laid I will kill this guy right now.” said Gonzalez.

While Tyson’s perspective adds a unique twist to the debate, it’s essential to consider scientific inquiry.

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