• July 25, 2024

Days After Giving His Honest Review, Mike Tyson Remains Brutally Honest on What Francis Ngannou Should Do to Win Against Tyson Fury

The Tyson FuryFrancis Ngannou match is precisely two months away. While still making major headlines, the heavyweight crossover’s hype increased in leaps and bounds with the announcement of Mike Tyson joining the Ngannou camp. It is the former UFC Heavyweight champion’s pro boxing debut. Hence the obvious question: Does he have a plan to nullify the reigning champion’s attack? Perhaps the youngest Heavyweight champion in the sport’s history might have a few answers from what he shared during an interview.

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So, in the recent episode of his podcast ‘Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson,’ the former champion shared what Ngannou needs to do to keep his performance sharp. According to Tyson, more competitiveness is all ‘The Predator’ needs. Therefore, he should keep at it. After the usual introductions, in the recent episode of his show, Jim Rome checked with Tyson about the new stage in his life—that of a trainer.

The road to Francis Ngannou’s victory: a few winning tips from Mike Tyson


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Mike Tyson shared how life was going great for him. Besides the crossover fight, he participates in the Birmingham Roller World Cup with his pigeons. Then, he also shared how his business had taken off and turned into the number-one franchise in the world! Rome checked whether he considered his life post-fifties the ‘best version’ of himself, to which the former champion replied, “Well, at this moment, yes….

Then, the conversation stopped at the Fury-Ngannou fight. Jim Rome wanted to know how the opportunity for training came to his shores. Mike Tyson replied, “Well, you know his team reached out to me. I was interested in doing it, and we went through a few sessions, and it was very successful. I said he had the attitude he had experience from fighting in here as the UFC champion…


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Jim Rome inquired about Tyson’s most significant takeaway from the training assignment. Then he also checked whether Ngannou had it in him to deal with a powerful hitter like Tyson Fury. He asked, “…like strategically other than Francis hitting him in the face, what does he need to do to win this fight? ”

Mike Tyson immediately responded, “Oh, he just needs to go all out, aggression punch into the body, bring him into the head, as we’ve been working with. He’s moving his head. He’s giving it together …

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