• July 24, 2024

Amid All the Rage About AI Generated Music, Mike Tyson and Michael Jackson’s Son Ask the Burning Question – “Do You Own Your Voice?”

The landscape of the music industry has always been marked by shifts, a dynamic realm where technology continuously ushers in new eras. From vinyl records and tapes to the digital age of streaming, the metamorphosis has been relentless. And now, the past half-decade has witnessed the ascension of a new player: artificial intelligence (AI), asserting its dominance in the music domain.

Moreover, in a recent dialogue that sent shockwaves through the entertainment world, an unexpected duo added their voices to the discourse. Prince Jackson, the son of legendary pop star Michael Jackson, and boxing legend Mike Tyson, lent their perspectives to the whirlwind of AI-generated music.


A captivating conundrum: Mike Tyson and Prince Jackson get candid about AI music

In a recent episode of Hotboxin, Prince Jackson offered a thought-provoking perspective on AI music copying his father’s voice. According to him while technology has come leaps and bounds it still hasn’t been able to capture his father’s unique voice perfectly. Moreover, he also puts forward some interesting questions about the ownership of voices since AI’s mainstream popularity.


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“I’ve seen, at least with the AI for my dad, that he had something so magical in his voice that I don’t think the computer has been able to capture just yet. But it’s so interesting from the entertainment industry, the music side of things, right? Because what does that mean for artists moving forward? You know, do you own your voice? It’s just a very interesting conversation. “ he said.

Tyson, with his signature candor, waded into the conversation. He cast the issue in an elemental light – the essence of nature itself and how a person should be the owner of their voice. “From a nature perspective, I should own my voice. Just for actual living, I should own this.”  he said.

‘Iron Mike’s’ words encapsulate a sentiment shared by many artists in the industry. In addition, Prince also agreed with Tyson being in favor of artists owning their voices. However, as AI’s harmonic chords entwine with the music industry’s rhythm, its impact resonates on multiple fronts.

AI’s double-edged impact on the music industry


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Like any other technology, AI’s impact on the music industry has been both good as well as bad. On one hand, proponents celebrate the newfound efficiency and reduced costs AI brings to music creation. However, using technology on music which has shaped clusters and societies for thousands of years can in turn be detrimental. In addition, the technology has not yet been refined to mimic the melodies of some iconic artists.



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