• July 24, 2024

Father Of Seven, Mike Tyson Once Revealed Why He Prohibits Kids From Watching His Fights: “Gotta Be On Human Mode”

During his boxing career, ‘Iron’ Mike has done and said a few things he wasn’t too proud of.

Even some inside-the-ring incidents like the Evander Holyfield fights took a darker turn and Tyson prefers that his children are not exposed to it at a young age.


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Mike Tyson restricts his kids from watching his fights

Having come up from a very difficult neighborhood and upbringing, Tyson wants his kids to stay away from it. Tyson feels that his fights are a part of that troubled past he wants to protect his kids from. Perhaps that’s why he revealed during the conversation with Sharpe that he asks his kids never to w atch his fights.

Tyson said, “Sometimes I come in and my kids and their friends are watching some of my fights. I say. ‘Hey we can’t do that in here, okay? Chill out, we gotta be on human mode here. No celebrity.’“

Tyson understands the changes someone undergoes after becoming a celebrity. Thus, he prefers to keep that side away from his children. One can speculate whether Tyson should let his children at least watch his fight.

However, there is a very specific reason why he doesn’t want his kids to watch his fights. It related to his troubled childhood and his bond with his mother.


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Tyson wants to shield his kids from his troublesome past

Mike Tyson had a tumultuous relationship with his mother over the years. Tyson revealed that his mother used to fight with her partner in front of him and his sister. Such incidents caused a rift between Tyson and his mother. That’s why over the years, Tyson has said something about his mother that he isn’t proud of, even during his fights, which he revealed in the same interview with Sharpe.

Tyson said, “Because sometimes that’s the fight I may have called my mother something else, cursed at somebody, oh god!“

Tyson has had troubles with his relationships over the years and even lost one of his daughters, Exodus, on May 26, 2009, in a treadmill accident. However, he has finally settled down in his life.

‘Iron Mike’ has a family now and wants to do everything to protect his family members, even from himself. Be that keeping his own children from watching his own professional success inside the ring.

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