• July 25, 2024

Messi Boosts Inter Miami’s Revenue to Unprecedented MLS Record

Messi is causing quite a sensation in the United States, exceeding even Inter Miami’s predictions, bringing in unprecedented revenue in the history of MLS. His presence at Inter Miami has generated immense financial value for the club, with projected revenues set to quadruple compared to what they generated last year.


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This Messi “explosion” in the U.S. has made Inter Miami’s owners, David Beckham and American billionaire Jorge Mas, not only financially successful but also prominent figures in the soccer world. According to Xavier Asensi, the club’s Chief Business Officer, Inter Miami expects to reach $200 million in revenue by 2024. This figure far surpasses the expectations of co-owner Jorge Mas, who had initially predicted a revenue increase of around $110 million when Messi’s signing was officially confirmed.

According to Sportico, the tremendous revenue boost expected for Inter Miami thanks to Messi will far exceed the best single-year earnings of any MLS club in history


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The substantial increase in Inter Miami’s financial success comes from ticket sales for both home and away matches, the most sought-after tickets in the league, as everyone is eager to watch Messi in action.

Additionally, there is a significant surge in sponsorship deals, indicating that Inter Miami had a well-calculated strategy in place, with agreements structured in a way that would increase their value if they brought in a player with multiple Ballon d’Or awards.

Although the agreements at the time didn’t specifically mention Messi, everyone understood clearly that it referred to a player who had won many Ballon d’Or awards, often identified by the number 10 or 7 (Ronaldo).


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David Beckham and co-owner Jorge Mas also structured some of their partnerships to expire at the end of this year, allowing Inter Miami to maximize their earnings when their value is at its peak. Messi signed a two-and-a-half-year contract with the team, meaning he will still be in the U.S. for two more years after this season.

Forbes valued Inter Miami at $585 million last year, but it’s expected to reach around $1.5 billion by 2024, largely due to Messi’s presence, who receives an annual salary ranging from $50-60 million.

David Beckham and co-owner Jorge Mas worked tirelessly since 2019 to make the “Messi explosion” in the U.S. a reality, and it has exceeded all expectations. Messi, the true “superhero,” has elevated Inter Miami’s standing on the field while creating massive revenue. With 11 goals and 3 assists, he led the team to their first-ever title (Leagues Cup), made it to another final (US Open Cup), and with just 30 minutes of playing time in MLS, the team quickly climbed out of the bottom of the table!

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