• July 24, 2024

Mike Tyson on Ngannou: Fury hasn’t had an opponent who can punch this hard

The match between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou is attracting a lot of attention. After leaving the UFC, the Cameroonian decided to continue his career on the boxing scene. However, it is interesting that he immediately chose the most difficult challenge; Tyson Fury.

The match will be held on October 28 in Saudi Arabia. Boxing fans believe that Ngannou has no chance in this match, considering that this is his boxing debut. However, not everyone shares the same opinion. The legend of this sport, Mike Tyson believes that Francis could cause big problems for Fury.

Mike put special emphasis on the strength of Ngannou’s punch.“Tyson Fury got dropped by a small guy early in his career,” Tyson said on The Jim Rowe Show, as quoted by boxingscene.com“[Francis] punches like God knows who, man.

He’s an athlete, he moves quicker, works with his speed, and listen man, he only has to land one or two. Tyson’s never been in the ring with somebody that can punch this hard”.


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Francis Ngannou and his training

Francis Ngannou asked Mike Tyson to train with him for this match.

Tyson immediately agreed to such an option. The legendary boxer is excited to have the opportunity to work with such a fighter. Ngannou seems to be making great progress in training. It is no coincidence that Mike Tyson believes that Ngannou could be a big test for Tyson Fury.“He asked me to go all out aggression,” Tyson said.

“He’s moving his head, he’s getting it together, and he’s determined to do this stuff for his country, his people, his patriotic pride. This is really interesting. I’m very excited about doing this”.

Tyson was knocked out by Douglas 23 years ago, which was the biggest surprise in the history of the sport until then. Ngannou’s victory over Fury, Tyson believes, would be an even bigger surprise.“That would be a bigger upset than Douglas-Tyson,” said Tyson.

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