• July 25, 2024

Mike Tyson boxing at 54 was fine as a one-off – now lets move on

Mike Tyson continues to capitalize on the fact the fighting legend has millions of followers on social media. A worrying trend for true boxing fans.

Tyson will soon be back in the ring again as ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ continues to enjoy a renaissance in his fifties.

As anyone with a vested interest in the sport of kings knows, the talent on display is not what it once was.

A Mike Tyson in 2005 was seemingly unable to fight his way out of a paper bag. Therefore, what makes any paying customer think it will be any different fifteen years later?

Meaning no disrespect to the legacy of ‘Iron’ Mike, which claimed a Hall of Fame place during a fantastic run in the 1980s, this new exercise is merely for monetary purposes.

Who can blame him?

The sad fact is that social media surrounding these exhibitions Tyson participates in having the nerve to complain about the product. He’s 54 years of age!

If you’re buying a Pay Per View for a Mike Tyson show these days, you should know what you are paying for beforehand.


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None-the-less, there’s a wave of punters airing their views as Tyson gets ready to return in a Middle East affair this summer.

“When big corporations rip off fans simply from pure greed, they deserve to lose that revenue stream. If it were reasonably priced, they’d still make huge profits and have a much bigger audience. The greed in these sports is disgusting,” said one disgruntled viewer.

Another added: “It’s 55-year-old blunt-smoking Mike Tyson vs. a washed up out of shape Roy Jones.

“That fight did more buys than any of the recent PPV cards with current champions.”



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Where it all ends is anyone’s guess. But it’s not Tyson’s fault that these events sell. He’s merely making the most of his following, and fair play to him.

It’s down to those who cannot and has never thrown a professional punch in their lives to answer to those who pay to see an actual boxing match.

We all know who we are talking about here. Car park punch-ups charged on PPV to gullible social media lemmings are an explicit and dangerous scourge.

This type of thing needs eradicating at the nearest opportunity. At the same time, the likes of Tyson should think twice before re-charging fans for another trip down memory lane.

At his age, one chance to re-live the former heavyweight champion getting back in the ring would undoubtedly have been enough.

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