• July 25, 2024

Francis Ngannou teams up with devastating KO puncher Mike Tyson to ensure he can land his ‘biggest weapon’ on Tyson Fury during money-spinning Saudi showdown

Francis Ngannou is honing his skills with new head trainer Mike Tyson to ensure he can land his ‘biggest weapon’ on Tyson Fury during their upcoming crossover clash.

The pair are set to square off on October 28 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in a 12-round boxing bout under Marquess of Queensbury rules.

It will be the first time Ngannou has ever competed in a sanctioned boxing bout but he is confident he will be able upset the odds against the WBC heavyweight champion.

Ngannou, known for his one-punch knockout power, is used to stopping his opponents quickly in MMA but is aware that boxing Fury will be a completely different ball game.

‘The Predator’ anticipates that it will be much harder to land his neutraliser on Fury but insists he will remain composed and wait for his moment.


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‘I know it’s going to be very challenging for me,’ Ngannou told Sky Sports News.

‘I don’t think I will be frustrated because I’m not going there just expecting to hit him easily. I know it’s going to be tough, it might even be tougher for me than for him, which is the case because he has a lot of experience.


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 ‘I’m prepared for that, my mind is ready for that. I have that information, even in my training camp, I’m preparing for someone who is tough, not easy to hit, very well-rounded as a boxer, very durable.’

He added: ‘It’s about a delivery system. You can have a biggest weapon but you also need to aim at the right target and to hit. We are shaping that skill to be able to deliver on the proper direction so we can get the result.’

Tyson, known as ‘Iron Mike’, recently joined the Cameroonian MMA star in camp and will corner him on the night.

‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ has been impressed by Ngannou’s skill set and believes he has a ‘promising future’ in the sport.

If there is one man who can help him land his trademark knock out blow, it’s Tyson, who finished his legendary career with 44 of them from 50 wins.

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