• July 25, 2024

Butterbean vs Mike Tyson – Boxing’s ultimate four-round slugfest


Mike Tyson facing Butterbean during the 1990s was the ultimate four-round slugfest. Unfortunately for boxing fans, we never got to see it.

What might have been if Tyson and Butterbean got pitched together in an explosive match-up?

Tyson facing Butterbean in a barnstorming match-up over four rounds is one of the sport’s biggest regrets.

The sensational line-up and truly fantastic knockout fest were discussed during the 1990s but didn’t happen.


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Mike Tyson vs Butterbean

Tyson lived up to his moniker of the ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ as Eric ‘Butterbean’ Esch smashed his opponents out in an opening couple of rounds.

Butterbean, known as ‘The King of the Four Rounders,’ would undoubtedly have been in with a puncher’s chance.

Iron Mike could be his own worst enemy. However, he was the best finisher in the sport when he was on it.

Tyson closed the show early like no other. In addition, Butterbean did his thing, usually with one punch.

In an interview discussing the possibility, Esch revealed an offer on the table back in the day. He also says a new request was made as Tyson returned in 2020.

“I’m totally retired,” Esch told Fred Talks Fighting.

“There’s a lot of talk about me being in that fight with Tyson was all actually offered to me (in) an exhibition.

“But I know when it’s time, I know I’m old, I’ve got grandkids, I’ve got nine grandkids. I’m just enjoying my life right now.”


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Butterbean fight offer

Speaking to the UK media, Esch added that he got offered the chance before Roy Jones Jr. fought Tyson in their exhibition.

“I was in that dark place. There was no way it was possible,” said Esch.

“I’m alive right now. I’m good to go. And Mike is in great shape. It would be a hell of a fight.

“We’d both come to fight. Mike isn’t going to run from me. That’s where his big mistake would be.”

Regarding explosiveness, Tyson vs Butterbean is in a world of its own when the pair were at the height of their powers.

Butterbean began knocking everyone out in 1994 when Tyson resumed his career following a prison sentence.

It was talked bout for years, but ultimately, Butterbean fought Larry Holmes, which was the wrong decision.

Furthermore, Larry had too much skill, even in 2002. Butterbean should have gone for Tyson and chased it harder for the fans.

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