• July 25, 2024

Decades-Long Regret: Mike Tyson’s Surprising Apology to Mitch Green

Mike Tyson, is known for being legendary for his boxing prowess. Apart from that he is also well known for his controversial past, and now he has made headlines for issuing an apology to Mitch Green, the gang leader he had a violent altercation with 35 years ago and nearly killed in the process.

35 Years Later Mike Tyson Apologises To Gang Leader Mitch Green For Punching Him to Near Death In a Street Fight


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What happened between Mike Tyson and Mitch Green and Why did he apologised?

As reported by Talksports, the two men had a long-standing feud. And this resulted in a brutal brawl in Harlem in 1988. Which left Tyson with a broken hand and Green with a swollen shut eye, facial bruising, and a nasty cut on the bridge of his nose. Notably, Tyson had beaten Green so hard that he feared he had killed Green in the process.

The incident occurred in the early hours of the morning, with Green confronting Tyson outside a clothing shop in Harlem. Green was part of a notorious New York gang and believed Tyson stepping into his turf was a liberty he could not accept without losing face.

After he confronted him what followed was a violent beating. Known for his deadly strikes Tyson landed the first punch and several more following. Green’s version of events is that Tyson turned his rings around to avoid damaging them and then sucker-punched him. Tyson claims that he was drunk and did not realize that Green was high on angel dust, so he was throwing punches and crunching Green, who was weaving and wobbling from side to side but did not go down. Tyson then did a Bruce Lee-style roundhouse kick and Green went down.

However, Green backed up and kicked Tyson. So this time Tyson did what he is known for taking Green down again. After which when he tried to make his escape in his Rolls-Royce, his driver told him they could not move as Green was under the wheels. Green got up once again and tore off one of the car’s wing mirrors, further enraging Tyson. This time, Tyson got out of his limousine and landed his signature right uppercut, sending Green flying into the air and coming down like a ragdoll, right on his head.

Tyson was terrified in the aftermath that he had killed Green. However, by the time the police arrived, they found Green alive but heavily bruised and battered. Tyson did not escape the chaos without injury either, suffering a hairline fracture of his right hand that postponed his upcoming title defense against Frank Bruno.


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Mike Tyson Apologised

Now, after 35 years, Tyson has apologized for the incident in his HotBoxin Podcast. Having chat with Rapper Tony Yayo when he was pressed that during his hay days he knocked out many including Green. To which Tyson said, “I’m sorry for what I did.” It is somewhat unexpected statement from Iron Mike who has had a controversial career, both inside and outside the ring.

Tyson’s apology shows that even the toughest of fighters can have a change of heart and acknowledge their mistakes. It also highlights the importance of owning up to one’s past actions and making amends where possible. It is a valuable lesson for everyone, not just professional athletes.

The incident between Tyson and Green remains one of the most infamous street fights in boxing history, but hopefully, Tyson’s apology can help bring some closure to the matter and be a step towards healing the wounds caused by their rivalry.

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