• July 24, 2024

Neymar: ‘Messi and I lived in hell at PSG’

Neymar revealed to Globo Esport (Brazil) that living at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is similar to hell.

Neymar transferred from PSG to Al Hilal in the summer of 2023 for a 90 million euro price.The Brazilian striker openly discussed the “hell” existence at PSG after leaving Paris.

“Little Pele” shared with Globo Esport: “I’m very happy for Messi’s success. But I also feel sad because he has to live in heaven and hell at the same time. Messi lived in heaven.” with the Argentina team when they won all the titles but had to go through hell at PSG. Both he and I lived in hell.

We are very sad. Both me and Messi went to PSG to become champions. We want to make history there. That’s why the two try to be together on the field. But unfortunately, we were all disillusioned.

Messi doesn’t deserve the treatment he received when he left PSG. We all understand that Messi is a player who always works hard to train and fight hard. He also gets angry every time he fails. But I see, Messi is treated unfairly at PSG. Putting that sad story aside, I’m happy to see Messi win the World Cup. He deserves a perfect ending at the end of his career.”


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Neymar is treated like a king at Al Hilal (Image: Marca).

Neymar also hopes to have the same ending as Messi: “I hope so too. I hope one day I can achieve my big dream in life, which is winning the World Cup. However, sometimes everything did not go as expected.

In Brazil, we have the ultimate soccer idol , Zico. He has never won the World Cup, but Zico’s talent cannot be denied. I think that’s the same for me.”

Neymar has received royal treatment ever since relocating to Al Hilal.However, this player has yet to make his professional debut in Saudi Arabia with a major team.He was still selected to play for Brazil in two World Cup qualifying games in September against Bolivia and Peru.


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Neymar and Messi experienced a hellish life at PSG (Photo: Getty).

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