• July 25, 2024

Fans hold such immense respect for Lionel Messi that they refrain from making any inappropriate comments or advances towards his wife, Antonela Roccuzzo.

The wife of the Argentinian footballer uploaded a photo to Instagram, but Messi’s fans stayed clear of ‘liking’ the picture

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Lionel Messi is regarded as one of the greatest footballers ever and has amassed so much respect that on his wife’s latest Instagram post, his fans wouldn’t even ‘like’ the photo.

Antonela Roccuzzo uploaded the picture to social media on Friday that featured her smiling whilst wearing a pink shirt, exposing her chest, with blue jeans accompanied by a necklace and purse.


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Whilst she received over two million likes, including one from her famous husband, many of Messi’s fans abstained from giving her their approval out of respect for the Barcelona legend.

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Some comments included:

“My respects to the lady of the Big 10 [Messi]”,

“Neither look nor touch guys. It’s the woman of the boss.”,

“No likes out of respect to the GOAT [Greatest of all-time”,

“No Messi, no like.”

And one even called her the ‘first lady of Miami’ referencing the term for the wife of the President of the United States.

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Messi shows unusual behavior during frustrating tie for Inter MiamiParker Johnson

Messi stars again in latest Miami outing

Since he arrived in Miami, Messi has played with a sense of freedom that had rarely been seen during his time at Paris Saint Germain.

Perhaps the burden of delivering football’s greatest prize to his home nation was lifted when Argentina defeated France in the FIFA World Cup final on penalties in December.

But in any case, Messi has certainly not lost his quality and once again starred in Inter Miami’s latest fixture against Los Angeles FC.

La Pulga’, Spanish for ‘little flea’, once again stepped up for his new club as he delivered two assists in their 3-1 victory in California on Sunday.

He assisted his ex-Barcelona colleague Jordi Alba, and former Wolverhampton Wanderers forward Leonardo Campana as Miami got their second and third goals.

The contribution to their latest win brings his total to 11 goals and five assists in 11 appearances for the Floridian side, as he looks primed to collect another Ballon d’Or.

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