• July 23, 2024

Suffering From Crippling Illness, Mike Tyson Opens Up About His ‘Pain’ After Jorge Masvidal Expresses Concerns Over Legend’s Intense Workout

Mike Tyson always had his punches targeted like a marksman with immaculate agility and slick movements. He was a master in finding spaces for his invincible uppercut between the arms of his taller opponents. This was only possible because of the insane workouts he used to indulge in, to attain such an ideal physique for the sweet science. However, Tyson has been facing some difficulties in following his past training routine due to a crippling illness.

Months ago, Mike Tyson was seen in a wheelchair at the Miami airport. Later, the reason for it turned out to be Sciatica, as Tyson sometimes feels harsh pain in his body, so much so that it becomes difficult for him to even walk. Hence, on the recent episode of his podcast, his guest Jorge Masvidal, expressed concerns about ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’.


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Mike Tyson sheds light on the difficulties he faces during his workouts

In the newly released Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson episode, Jorge Masvidal asked Tyson about his workouts and how much he used to run during his training days. Tyson nodded to him asking if he used to go up five to six miles of running. At this, Masvidal was quite surprised and asked him if he suffered any knee pain because of it.

Tyson stated that his knees have always been good, and never faced a problem. He said, “Just sometimes my hips as I got older I get Sciatica, but running is the best exercise. You’re gonna do some exercises for your mind, running is the best. That’s mind exercise.


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Then, Masvidal also enquired about his running sessions during his fighting days. He asked him if he would do more sprints before the fight or less as the fight approached. ‘Iron’ Mike replied, “Listen, I train up to the fight.” There’s no doubt that Tyson had some vigorous training routines during his fights. So, how did ‘Kid Dynamite’ manage such intense regimes?

Tyson’s robust training before his fight

Mike Tyson, reportedly, used to start his day at 4 a.m. when he used to start his running right away. ‘Kid Dynamite’ used to run for 5-6 miles and then get on to his boxing training. Tyson used to train for 50-60 hours a week, which is obviously more time than the hours people spend doing their jobs. But Tyson knew that if he wanted to justify the crown of the Youngest Heavyweight champion, he needed to put in the work.

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