• July 23, 2024

Watch: “Jealous” Mike Tyson Asks DJ Whoo Kid to Do the Unthinkable in Front of Michael Jackson’s Son

The latest edition with Michael Jackson‘s elder son, Prince Michael Jackson, was nothing short of fun and excitement. The 26-year-old took Mike Tyson and co-host DJ Whoo Kid through his life as the son of probably the most well-known musician-singer who dominated popular music for nearly four decades. As in other episodes, this one had unexpected twists and turns, like how Mike Tyson reacted when Whoo Kid went down memory lane, reminiscing about a particular incident.

So, nearing the one-hour mark, DJ Whoo Kid said he wanted to share a photo taken long ago. While it stunned Prince Jackson, Tyson couldn’t help but ask what was going on. Whoo Kid explained how Michael Jackson used to meet various people from different walks of life, referring to himself as a ‘random’ DJ who has, among others, worked with artists such as 50 Cent and Eminem. As soon as he heard that, Tyson said, “…show some of your skills; show what you would do if you’re a DJ, the songs you would play.


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An unexpected request from Mike Tyson

Whoo Kid replied that he was just another DJ who ‘pressed buttons.’ Then he pointed towards the photo that probably pertained to a tour in Bahrain. He explained that Michael Jackson had initially put on some shorts. So he went for a change and returned in his usual regalia. Then, once comfortable, he permitted almost everyone to take pictures with him. Unfortunately for DJ Whoo Kid, his friend forgot to press the record button on his camera while covering the entire chain of events.

He said, “…the only thing I was really mad is my friend didn’t press record on the camera, yeah, the camera, so he just took photos…in the Rolling Stone, you know, he was like, yeah, my photo was the only one in the Rolling Stone that year when they were trying to find him only one.


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Prince Jackson exclaimed that it was a small world. And Whoo Kid also added that he appeared as a lookalike of television host Nick Cannon. That’s when all the while listening quietly, Mike Tyson chipped in, “Hey, put my pictures in with Michael. I’m getting jealous.” The sudden comment had everyone spurt out a good laugh.

As the episode unfolded, Prince Jackson shared his childhood days. How he grew up in and out of ‘Neverland,’ and how Michael Jackson stood as a father. Interludes allowed Mike Tyson to share his stories as well. He also discussed in detail the lifetime’s passion, pigeons.

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